What are Originals?

The Originals are part of high art and are the same kind of works installed in galleries and museums during the Leroy Brothers art exhibition.

For who are Originals?

Originals are authentic works of art for art collectors and passionates looking for work, which is besides appealing, also meaningful and socially engaged.   

How are Originals certified?

All Originals are hand-signed and certified by blockchain Certificate of Authenticity.

How Do I hang the Originals on my wall?

A hanging system is integrated in the acrylic box frames conceived by Leroy Brothers, unique in its kind and easy to hang flat on the wall with two screws per part.

Which technique is used for the Originals? 

Museum quality C-type prints on Dibond. Note: although the acrylic boxes are UV-protective, do not hang any artworks in direct contact with sunlight.

What are the Originals available sizes?

Each frame and box is 60 x 60 cm  (23.6 x 23.6”). Total sizes vary from 60 x 60 to 180 x 240.

What do frames of Originals look like?

The frames are especially designed in brass, directly mounted on the acrylic structure. 3mm (0.11”) thick and 2 cm (0.78”) deep.  

What are Multiples?:

Leroy Brothers offer 'Multiple Editions' (1/7) of original artworks for sale in different sizes. 

For who are Multiples?

The 'Multiple Editions' is accessible to every art enthusiast looking for authentic art pieces at affordable prices.

How are Multiples certified?

All Multiples are stamped, numbered and certified by blockchain Certificate of Authenticity.

How Do I hang Multiples on my wall?

Easy to hang, flat on the wall. Simple screws horizontally on a wall.

Which technique is used for Multiples? 

C-print on Dibond highest quality. Note: although the acrylic boxes are UV-protective, do not hang any artworks in direct contact with sunlight.

What are the Multiples' available sizes?

Each frame and panel is 60 x 60 cm  (23.6 x 23.6”), a total of 9 panels - overall size 180 x 180 cm (70.8 x 70.8“)

What do frames of Originals look like?

Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines, and presented with a satin finish. The frame has a square, modern profile that works well in both contemporary and traditional environments.

All mounts are ‘conservation’ grade, FSC certified, 100% acid-free, and will not discolor or fade with age. 

Frames come in a natural, white, or dark wooden frame.

How are the artworks packed?

Each item will be protected with Silk tissue paper and comes with a plastic bag and corner protection to ensure transportation safety. All panels go in one box wrapped together with a film of 20 microns as additional protection. 

What should I worry about? 

We have a worry-free after-sale policy. Fast shipping, risk-free purchase, 30 days money-back guarantee after receipt of shipment.

How is transport secured?

What is the return policy?

What is the 10% donation on each sold artwork? 

Leroy Brothers engages in donating 10% of each item sold in the online gallery. A non-extensive list of charitable organisations benefit from those donations. The funds are allocated according the Collection of the actual works in which they belong. If a work doesn't belong in one of te Collections, the funds are saved for the future Leroy Brothers Foundation, an art educative initiative.   

What are Leroy Brothers work ethics?
We strongly believe in collaborations. Behind every successful artist, stand supportive mecenas, art dealers, curators, ... Although disrupting outdated systems contributes to the progress of professions, we work closely together with respect for all players involved.  
Gallerists and art dealers alike live in a fast changing art world, where competition is fierce. A right partnership is key in the development of an artists' career as well as the expansion of related businesses.
Therefor we study every collaboration separately, so all parties benefit from the choices mutually made in order to ensure sustainable partnerships.